Friends of the Animal Shelter, like most non-profit organizations, is run by a Board of Directors. FOTAS’ employees report to and are accountable to the Board. The Board sets policy and direction for the organization. It also oversees the organization’s finances, fundraising and promotion.

The members of our Board enjoy the Board meetings and their interactions with one another. At our Board meetings, the input of each member is valued and weighed in a creative atmosphere. All members of the Board are uncompensated volunteers.

If you would like to be considered for a position on our Board, please send us an E-mail at for more information.



Tilly with Cadbury and Skippy

Tilly with Cadbury and Skippy

Tilly and her husband, Ted, adopted Cadbury, a long and lean chocolate lab from the Jackson County Animal Shelter in 2014 after seeing pictures of him on Petfinder.  During the adoption process, they discovered beautiful animals awaiting a new home, and an impressive group of compassionate and caring FOTAS volunteers eager to help make an adoption as easy as possible.

Tilly was invited to serve on the FOTAS Development Committee in 2015, and then joined the Board of Directors in 2016.  She became President in January 2017.

In 1999, Tilly and Ted moved to Ashland.  She retired from a career at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center where she worked as a radiation therapist, manager, educator and mentor. She has been involved with the American Cancer Society for over 40 years, currently volunteering weekly at the Cancer Resource Center at Providence Hospital. She has served on boards for the American Cancer Society, the Community Health Center, and the Ashland New Plays Festival. In addition, she spends countless hours volunteering for Camelot Theatre, Ashland Tennis & Fitness Club, Southern Oregon Repertory Singers, and the Schneider Museum of Art.

In her free time, Tilly enjoys playing tennis, gardening, cooking, knitting, travelling, visiting her 5 grandchildren in Colorado, and of course playing with Cadbury and Skippy (who is on a long-term from Colorado).


Becky Cohn

Becky Cohn

Becky joined FOTAS in 2012 as a dog walker. She soon learned that the Shelter was often filled with Pit Bull mixes and her concern led to the founding of the Pit Crew together with other dedicated volunteers. She conducts training for other volunteers, shows off a dog on Channel 12 Pet of the Week and is a yard manager for the dog Play Groups.  Becky became Vice President in January 2017.

Becky moved to Talent on a 10-acre farm in 2011. She and her husband raise animals and she tends a large veggie and fruit garden, and also works training dogs.

Prior to moving here, Becky was a Foreign Service Officer with the Agency for International Development. Her family spent many years overseas including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Jamaica, and Barbados.

An avid dog lover, Becky has 5 dogs of her own, 3 of which are rescues: one from a kill shelter in Fresno and two 9-year-old Chihuahuas adopted from the Jackson County Animal Shelter.


Michelle Fox – TREASURER


Michelle Fox

Michelle has been involved in animal rescue for most of her life.  She moved to Ashland with her family in 2013, and began volunteering with the shelter shortly thereafter.  She lives with her husband, David, her daughter, Rachel, as well as numerous pets including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and a rooster.

Michelle has a passion for large breed dogs and prefers to work with those that are more behaviorally challenged.  Michelle serves as Pit Crew co-coordinator and Holding Crew coordinator.  She is also an active foster mom.  She adopted her current dogs from the shelter and they are an integral part of her fostering success.

Each of her dogs pays it forward by helping to rehabilitate foster dogs that come to stay with her family.  When Michelle is not spending time with her family or the dogs, you will find her out on the trail riding her beloved horse, Jack.

Michelle became FOTAS Treasurer in January 2017.




peggy moore

Peggy Moore, FOTAS president

Peggy jointed FOTAS in 1999, originally helping with shot clinics and Puss ’n Boots Costume Ball and Auction. She joined the Board in 2003, shortly before she retired from a 36-year career in California Community Colleges, where she served as a faculty member, Vice President of Instruction and Superintendent/President. In 2004 she became the FOTAS Board President, and has served in that capacity off and on since then. She was delighted to retire from that position and move into the Secretary position in January 2017.

Peggy shares her life with her partner and a German Shepherd/Huskie rescue dog named Jasmine from the Shelter. Since the death of Pilot, a six breed rescue dog from the Shelter, they are on the search for a companion for Jasmine. In addition there are two Great Pyrenees (Ioreck and Nestor) who are guardians to the 38 dairy goat herd. Three cats from the Shelter, Elma, Tara and Petra round out the animal companions.

Peggy enjoys working with dogs, and spends time working on dog washes, Puss ‘n Boots and Paws to Celebrate as well as other events to raise money for FOTAS.

In addition. Peggy chairs the Colestin Rural Fire District Board of Directors, serves as Chair of the Jackson County Animal Advisory Committee, is a Board member of AAUW, serves on the Board of the Ashland New Plays Festival and volunteers with the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

She continues to work as a consultant to California Community College and now colleges in Wyoming, specializing in colleges with accreditation issues and working with boards on governance issues and policy development.


Rabbitt babbitt

Rabbitt always has a kitty in her arms

Rabbitt (aka Jane Babbitt) has been talking to the animals since day one.  In 2009, her rescued Maine Coon cat, Stockton, whispered in her ear that it was time to check out the animal shelter.  She has been a FOTAS volunteer ever since, working in the cat room two days a week, doing adoption counseling, mentoring, scooping boxes, and loving on kitties.  A major focus has been improving communication between cat room volunteers and in 2011 she launched “Mews and News,” a cat room newsletter.  She also workd closely with the volunteer manager helping to initiate cat room guidelines, mentoring procedures, and continued education about animal enrichment in the kennels.

Rabbitt moved to Southern Oregon in 1971 and lived for twelve years in an intentional community.  After participating in several hundred home births, she moved to Ashland in 1983 and completed her nursing degree.  After 25 years of hospital labor and delivery, she retired in 2011.  Her work with FOTAS and the felines is now her heart’s work, and while no longer bringing in a salary, she feels the cats pay her well.

After many years of high speed adrenaline sports (skydiving, mountain biking, etc.), Rabbitt has settled into playing golf, reading, gardening, cooking, being a grandma and living with her husband David.  They enjoy travelling, especially to Mexico and Canada, but most of all, they relish spending time with their four wonderful felines: Stockton, Sophie and two former foster cats from the shelter, Jimi Jah Jones and Pearl.



Tricia DeFelice with Poppett

Tricia has loved anything Feline as far back as she can remember and joined FOTAS as a volunteer in the cat rooms in 2013, shortly after moving from New York City. Wanting to enhance and extend the lives of shelter cats, she co-founded, along with another volunteer, Puck’s Place, a feline rehabilitation sanctuary for shelter cats needing a special place to recuperate before being put into adoption.

Tricia currently Chairs the FOTAS Publicity Committee and serves on the Development and  Program Services Committees.

Part of Tricia’s work life includes holding several management positions in the field of Book Publishing including: New Business and Custom Publishing Director, Sales Marketing Director for the Electronic Publishing Program at Time Warner, and VP, Sales and Communication at Simon and Schuster. After leaving the corporate environment, Tricia founded two companies before leaving the business and NYC for greener pastures (literally) and moved to Southern Oregon.

Currently, Tricia owns While They Happily Wait Pet Care, providing quality pet sitting services to the community and studies at Invincible Heart Traditions, LLC, a personal development organization, committed to bettering the lives of people and animals, where she is a Partner, and is certifying to become an Invincible Courage Academy Spiritual Life Coach.

When not working and volunteering, Tricia enjoys playing tennis and golf, spending time with family (feline and human) and friends, white water rafting and nature. Two of Tricia’s six kitties are rescues from the shelter.


Samantha became a FOTAS volunteer in July of 2012 as a dog walker and adoption ambassador. Instantly impressed by all the programs and people who make such a positive difference for the animals while at the shelter she was inspired to get more involved. She gladly took the job as auction coordinator for the annual Puss ‘n Boots Costume Ball and Auction and became a regular volunteer at outreach events and monthly shot clinics.  

Sam grew up in the SF bay area until her family moved to Ashland at age 13. Following high school and brief stints in San Diego and Montana, she returned to Southern Oregon, and finished her undergraduate degree at SOU. She and her husband, Karl, made their home in Southern Oregon and live in Medford with their two pugs, Sylvia and Ellie, and cat, Peanut.

Samantha has enjoyed a career with a local non-profit health care provider and recently took a position with them as a referral coordinator. In her spare time she enjoys gardening and floral design, reading, baking, cheering on the Chicago Bears with her husband (their #1 fan), competing in her fantasy football league, and meeting her friends for walks with their dogs. 

Over the years they have adopted two cats and a dog from Jackson County Animal Services. In 1997 they adopted their first pet together, Jack, a special needs tabby cat who they had nine wonderful years with. Last year they adopted their big and beautiful orange cat, and after their first attempt at fostering, one of their pugs.   

Sam enjoys helping with fundraisers and promoting FOTAS at outreach events. She acts as captain for one of the monthly adoption outreach events at Petsmart and helps promote FOTAS and Jackson County Animal Services’ adoptable dogs with regular posts on FOTAS Facebook page. Volunteering alongside so many wonderful people dedicated to saving animals’ lives is an honor she feels blessed to be a part of. 


Bio and Photo to come