Saving the lives of Jackson County’s dogs & cats begins by addressing the problem of pet overpopulation in the first place.

That’s why we’re proud to support the work of


Through their seasonal campaigns, programs geared toward cats (including ferals & barn cats), and discount programs for dogs, S.N.Y.P. provides an invaluable resource in tackling pet overpopulation.  And fewer strays and unwanted litters results in fewer cats and dogs in Jackson County’s Animal Shelter.

FOTAS helps provide additional funding for S.N.Y.P.’s three seasonal programs:

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All February, discount spay & neuter certificates are available at Jackson County’s Grange locations and Mini Pet Mart on Stewart.  These certificates are good for spay or neuter for dogs & cats at the veterinarians listed on the back of each certificate (more than a dozen veterinarian clinics throughout the Rogue Valley).







July’s campaign focuses on taking care of all those kittens born during kitten season.  For only $10 per cat neuter, you can be a part of the solution to colonies of strays and reduce spraying, fighting & injuries.  2015’s campaign sold 331 certificates.









October’s campaign looks to prevent the following spring’s kitten season by offering discount spays & neuters to all tame adult cats.  Since one unaltered female can lead to 370,000 offspring in 7 years, getting your cats spayed or neutered is a big step in the right direction!  2015’s Tom & Mom campaign sold nearly 500 discount certificates.








To learn more about S.N.Y.P., please visit

Or call them at 541-858-3325