If you have lost or found an animal, here are the steps you can take to locate your lost pet, or reunite the pet with its family:

Where are my parents?

Where are my parents?

  1. Contact the Jackson County Animal Shelter at (541) 774-6654.  Leave a message with the following information (whether you lost or found an animal):
    • Your name and telephone number
    • Where the pet went missing / was found (cross streets & city)
    • The date your pet went missing / was found
    • Name, sex, age, size, color(s) and distinguishing marks
    • If it has a collar, state the color
    • Mention if your lost animal has a microchip
  2. Check out the LOST/FOUND animals at Jackson County Animal Shelter’s Lost & Found page.
  3. If you LOST an animal, come to the Jackson County Animal Shelter yourself … and keep checking (by phone, on-line and in person).  It may take a few days before your animal is turned in … and in the case of cats, it may take a few weeks!
  4. If you FOUND an animal, take him/her to a veterinarian office or the Shelter to have the pet checked for a microchip
  5. Use Social Media to spread the word – post on your Facebook page and ask your friends to “Share”.
  6. Put an ad in the local newspaper, and check the ads others put in the LOST/FOUND section.  Most newspapers do not charge for placing a lost/found ad.  Many people do NOT report a found pet to the Shelter!
  7. Put Flyers up, especially in front of your house. Many people drive around looking for their lost animal, or looking for the owner of an animal they found. A large yard sign will help them locate you.
  8. Check and Post on Craig’s List – look in both LOST & FOUND and PETS sections.  And post an ad in both of those sections.


  • Keep visible ID on your animal at all times!
  • License your dog with the County … it’s the law, and a licensed dog is more likely to be returned to its owners.
    I'm waiting for you!

    I’m waiting for you!

  • Get your pet “chipped” with an electronic chip that contains your contact information.  The Shelter and many veterinarians have equipment that can read the chip information, so that they can contact you and return your pet to you safely.
    • Make sure you contact the chip manufacturer if you move or your phone number/email change.


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