Meet Anna!

AGE:  I’m Anna, a charismatic 5-year-old Russian Blue beauty who loves attention. I’m a chatty cat, so I need an owner who is up for some conversation.

PERSONALITY:  I give lots of head butts, and like pets and scritches, but please pay attention to me if I tell you I’ve had enough, since I can get carried away when I’m playing.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Among all my adorable qualities is being able to sleep through anything and looking gorgeous while doing so.  I’m not crazy about other cats, but if I am introduced very slowly I tolerate them.  I’m really a very nice girl, if I say so myself.

AVAILABLE:  At the Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 S Pacific Hwy, Phoenix.  Open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and noon to 4 p.m.weekends.

COST: Anna’s adoption fee is only $45, and includes a free wellness visit at a local veterinarian office.  Anna is spayed.

ONLINE: View adoptable pets via Friends of the Animal Shelter: or

LOST & FOUND: or call 541-774-6654.

OTHER RESOURCES: Southern Oregon Humane Society,; C.A.T.S.,; Sanctuary One,; Spay/Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) – low-cost options;

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