Meet Spirit!

AGE:  Meet Spirit, a 6-year-old female Australian Shepherd.  You may be drawn to her good looks, but she is not for the first time dog owner.

PERSONALITY: Spirit will do best in a home with a fully-fenced yard where she can romp. She plays well with other social dogs, but is reactive on-leash.  She is protective of her family in the home, and settles down well once you tell her all is well.

HIGHLIGHTS:  She is house-trained, knows basic commands and bonds quickly with her family.  She is good with children, but true to her breed, will chase cats.

AVAILABLE: At the Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 S. Pacific Hwy., between Talent and Phoenix, open 7 days a week.

COST: Spirit’s adoption fee is $105.  Adoption includes a free one-hour in-home training and a wellness visit at a local veterinarian office.  Spririt is spayed.

ONLINE: View adoptable pets via Friends of the Animal Shelter: or

LOST & FOUND: or call 541-774-6654.  

OTHER RESOURCES: Southern Oregon Humane Society,; C.A.T.S.,; Sanctuary One,; Spay/Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) – low-cost options;

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