Street Dog PickupProject Street Dogs – A Compassionate APPROACH

Consider joining our Street Dog outreach team to contribute up to 4 hours/week passing out dog food, harnesses and leashes to homeless dog owners (and cat owners) in order to establish rapport and encourage them to get their pets spayed/neutered.

Taking a compassionate approach to helping those in the homeless community decide to spay or neuter their dogs is good for the entire community and helps to reduce the overpopulation problem.

What would I do as an Ashland Project Street Dog volunteer?

Contribute approximately 4 hours a week visiting the Resource Center in south Ashland once per week (Tuesday thru Saturday 9 am -1 pm) or Uncle Foods community meal at the Methodist Church on Tuesday 4-5 pm or one of the newest locations. Volunteers have been expanding their outreach to Medford at Saint Vincent’s and to other locations in Ashland.

  • Encourage spay/neuter, pass out dog/cat food samples. Meet some of the other players who are helping homeless in different ways.
  • Make appointments for surgery with willing dog/cat owners at Animal Medical Hospital.
  • Transport dog and owner to Animal Medical Hospital. Stay with the animal’s guardian for check-in. Check in time 8 am, M-F. Pick up dog the following day after 9 am. Neuters often go home same day after 4 pm.

Who pays for the spay and neuter?

FOTAS pays for the fixing of homeless pets through generous donations for the program. We support the SNYP program and SNYP provides the vouchers for the spay and neuters.

Where do I sign up?

Contact the Volunteer Services Manager at (541) 774-6651 or send an email.