Help during “Kitten Season”

Kitten Season is in full swing! 

Friends of the Animal Shelter has created the Purrs & Paws Virtual Kitten Shower to help raise funds and supplies to support the needs of the hundreds of vulnerable orphaned foster kittens that will be cared for over the next several months.  

As you can imagine, being able to provide supplies to 50+  foster families ensures that kittens get what they need, while not stressing the foster families’ budget.

So, just like a baby shower, we have a wish list of supplies we need for our Purrs & Paws Orphaned Kittens Shower.

Please visit the Kitten Shower event page for a full list of items needed. 

Kitten Food Needed

Wow! We have 80+ kittens in foster care, and those little darlings sure can eat!

The Shelter and the Friends of the Animal Shelter foster families could sure use some KITTEN CANNED food.

If you’d like to purchase some, you can drop it off at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 S Pacific Hwy 99, Phoenix, OR 97535 any time! There is a big green donation bin at the back of the Shelter.

If you’d like to have some shipped to us, you can have it delivered to the Shelter.

And if you’d like to make a donation so that we can buy it, just go to and we’ll go shopping for you!

Shelter address:

Jackson County Animal Shelter
5595 S Pacific Hwy, Phoenix


Tuesday – Friday
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday
Noon – 4:00 pm

Questions? Call Rebecca @ (541) 774-6654


If you are in the neighborhood check out the


on alternating Wednesday’s through October, 5-8PM at 8035 Hwy 238 in Ruch.

Piles of fun handmade items are available. All made by volunteers to benefit FOTAS.

photo of a handmade dog walking bags…lots of colors and styles! 


FOTAS will have loads of items of offer, June 23rd, July 7 & 14


Shelter has a new online way to report lost & found pets

Jackson County Animal Shelter has a new online way to report lost & found pets.  

Please use this link to go to the Shelter’s lost and found pet page. Click on the  “file report online” graphic and it will take you to the form to fill out.  

ALSO>>> Continue to check the Jackson County Lost Animal listings here: 

Search for DOGS Search for CATS

AND>>> Continue to check the FOTAS master list of community created social media pages where the general public also post lost animals.



List of Known Lost and Found Facebook Pages

Many kind-hearted individuals have created Lost and Found Facebook pages to support animal reunification efforts.  FOTAS is attempting to keep a master list of all pages in an effort to help individuals looking for their pets.    

Lost animals should be reported to Jackson County Animal Shelter.    


Search animals at the Shelter:   Search for DOGS     Search for CATS



If you know of a Facebook page for lost and found pets that is not listed please email a link to so it can be added to this list. 

Southern Oregon Specific links:

Statewide links:

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  • 2
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