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Kitten Care

Kitten Care Resources

Thanks to the Kitten Lady we are able to provide these useful links and resources she has created to help you care for kittens.

The Kitten Lady also has created many videos that are free and available on her YouTube channel.  Check out the links to some of them below.


Download the Friends of the
Animals Kitten Guide. 

Kitten Care



Getting Started

Bathroom Business

Learn how to stimulate kittens, how to litter train, and how to get to the bottom of bathroom issues


Physical Health

Learn about routine medical care, common physical ailments, and supporting critical kittens.

Behavioral Health

Learn about common kitten behaviors and what you can do to help ensure they live happily ever after in their forever home.


Preparing for Adoption

Learn about how to advertise and photograph kittens for adoption, and how to find a great forever home.


Find more help on the Kitten Lady website!

Click here to go to the Kitten Lady website.

sleeping kittens

Adopt a Cat!

Find your purrfect companion.

happy dog getting pets

Adopt a Dog

Find your new best friend.

volunteer holds kittens available to foster

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer with FOTAS

kittens for adoption need spay/neuter services

Spay/Neuter Services

Help stop overpopulation

cat and dog awaiting foster care

Foster Opportunities

Be a foster, save a life

friendly older dog with paw in woman's hand


Helpful info for you and your pets