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During the spring and summer months, and again in the fall, kittens arrive at Jackson County Animal Shelter in droves, often motherless and requiring round-the-clock care. “Kitten Season” poses a need for both foster volunteers to care for these babies, and supplies to ensure their survival. 

We’re calling this a “virtual” kitten shower because so many of us are sheltering at home – so, you can contribute to our Kitten Shower from home!

WE NEED FOSTER FAMILIES: If you’d like to become a foster family, click here!  Here’s a video to tell you more about why fostering kittens right now is a great idea!

Purrs & Paws Orphaned Kittens Shower

Hundreds of vulnerable orphaned foster kittens are being cared for by 50+ foster families throughout the two kitten seasons.  We can have more than 125 kittens in foster care at one time during “peak season.”  Did you know that kitties can start reproducing as young as 4 months old?  So, the kittens that don’t get fixed in the spring season can go on to make babies in the fall! Yikes!

As you can imagine, being able to provide supplies to those foster families ensures that kittens get what they need, while not stressing the foster families’ budget.

So, just like a baby shower, we have a wish list of supplies we need for our Purrs & Paws Orphaned Kittens Shower … as well as an opportunity to donate funds to cover medical expenses.

Donate Now


Items are listed below and on our AMAZON KITTEN SHOWER WISH LIST.  Many of these items are also available locally (food, beds, corn-based litter, probiotics and toys), so we encourage you to contact one of the local businesses listed below to purchase your Shower gifts. 

For those items that are not available locally, you can use the Amazon Wish List. Your order will default to a delivery address to our Foster Coordinator in Ashland.  Please note, if you are not yet an Amazon Smile customer, please sign up and designate Friends of the Animal Shelter as the recipient of a percentage of your purchase (at no extra cost to you). Even if you already have an Amazon account, please connect it to Amazon Smile here.

Because the Jackson County Animal Shelter is currently open by appointment only, no donations should be delivered to the Shelter. 

How to purchase from local businesses:

  • Nature’s Pet Market, Vicki and Mark Pagan, Owners – (541) 708-0707 (food, beds, corn-based litter, probiotics and toys)
    • Call to place your order and pay with a credit card over the phone.  Ask the business to notify FOTAS that you have made your donation, and we will pick it up, and we will send you a tax receipt.
  • Wellness Pet Supplies, Billie Jo Vinson, Owner – (541) 708-6785 (food, beds, corn-based litter, probiotics and toys)
    • Call to place your order and pay with a credit card over the phone.  Ask the business to notify FOTAS that you have made your donation, and we will pick it up, and we will send you a tax receipt.
  • Grange Co-op
    • Order online, and when you go to the CART to checkout, use FOTASCAT (all caps) in the COUPON field. This will let the Grange to put your donations aside for us, and we’ll pick them up.  Please note that the Grange does not list all of their available items online, so purchasing kitten food (dry and canned), and integrity Natural Corn Cob+ Litter will be your best bet!

If you purchase items elsewhere, just send an email to us, and we will arrange a pickup from you.


  • Kitten canned and dry kibble – please make sure it’s for kittens, which is higher calorie and easier to digest.  No red dye, please!
  • Nipples for kitten replacement formula – we like the Miracle nipples – they are sturdy, easy to sterilize, and kittens love them.
  • What goes better with nipples, then bottles!  Yep, we need 4 oz bottles, too!
  • Flat kitten bowls – boy, are they messy when they first starting eating canned food. These bowls won’t slip or flip, keeping the surrounding area somewhat clean!
  • Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that smells like a nursing mama…to a kitten that is! This spray can help calm the most nervous kitten.
  • Digital scales are used to monitor the weight of kittens. Their weight gain, or loss, is an immediate indicator of how well they are doing. Kittens get weighed at least once a day while they are being fostered, and a weight loss is a big red flag!
  • And we need small blenders, to help mix up the kitten food well with no lumps!


  • Playpens – for the first two weeks, kittens need to be isolated from other pets and carpeting that can become contaminated. These washable playpens enable foster families without an extra room to foster safely!  It also is a great litter-training containment!
  • Washable Beds – yep, they get messy!  Small enough for the washing machine, please!
  • SnuggleSafe Warming Pads – these microwaveable and easy-to-clean warming pads replace their missing mama’s heat without giving the kittens a cord to chew on. Kittens can’t regulate their temperature for the first few weeks, so these pads save lives.
  • Kitten Incubator – now, this is a big one! Kittens as young as a day or two old are often brought to the Shelter without their mama by a concerned citizen that “found” some babies. What they don’t realize is that it’s very possible that the mama was moving her litter, and she can only move one at a time. So, with their umbilical cord still attached, and unable to see, hear, or even pee or poop on their own, they are put into specialized neo-natal foster care.  For the first week, it’s important that they are in a controlled environment with heat around 90°F and 60% humidity – they cannot regulate their own body heat yet!  So, a kitten incubator would be ideal for these special tiny, but mighty, kittens.  The incubator costs approximately $700 and is portable enough to move from foster home to foster home, as needed.  Please consider contributing toward the cost – or if you’re feeling especially generous, buy it!  It’s on the Amazon Wish List.


  • Corn-based litter – did you know that clay-based clumping litter can cause an obstruction and kill a kitten if they ingest it while cleaning themselves?  Corn-based litters are digestible.  Also, no perfumed litters, please – you might like the lavender smell, but kitties won’t!
  • Small litter boxes – it’s a big climb up when you’re this small!
  • Litter Attractant – foster kittens need to learn that the litter box is their go-place for all things messy! Litter Attractant smells like the great outdoors and helps litter train kittens quickly.


  • a+d Ointment – for their little bums, if they get sore.
  • Probiotics – in case their tummies are upset / out of balance.
  • High-calorie supplements – to help kittens “over the hump” when they transition from mama to foster family.


  • Kittens are naturally curious, so kitten toys are essential as they develop their hunting skills.  We prefer washable toys.


  • Consider making a financial contribution to help cover the costs of medications and medical care. Lots of kittens come in with eye infections, fleas and ear mites, upper-respiratory infections, ring-worm (fungus), worms, and parasites.  Most of these are super easy to treat, but we need to get all of the meds through a veterinarian.  Your donation will help off-set those costs.
  • We are always trying to “get ahead” of the cat over-population problem, so all animals are spayed/neutered before adoption.  Local veterinarians give the Shelter a reduced price, but it’s still incredibly expensive.  Help us “flatten the curve” of unplanned litters.

Donate Now

If you would like to send a check, please make it out to Friends of the Animal Shelter, and write KITTEN SHOWER on the memo line.  Mail it to PO Box 1013, Phoenix, OR 97535.

Thank you for helping us save the lives of hundreds of orphaned kittens!

If you have any questions, please email us.

And please help spread the word on Facebook and other social media.

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