Per JCAS, FOTAS has contacted the below teams to return to shifts at the shelter, still operating under COVID-19 procedures.

  • Cat Programs:
    • Cat Rooms, Cat Holding Crew, Cat Room Cleaners, Front Desk
    • Please contact FOTAS office to sign up
      • Cat Room Cleaners
        • Weekends  9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
        • Weekdays  8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Dog Programs:
    • Phase 1: We have a very limited number of dogs that will be going into adoption, only 5-6.  FOTAS has directly contacted a limited number of Dog Walkers/Adoption Counselors to come in next week.  These volunteers were selected by seniority, and adoption counseling skills and needs per shift.  If you did not receive a call directly by FOTAS, please see Phase 2 information below.
    • Phase 2: We will reach out to bring back more dog walkers when our number of dogs in adoption increase and we need more walkers.
    • Dog Enrichment Team – can come back week of 10/19 for their Enrichment Shifts.
    • Play Groups still paused until the yards are accessible.

Immediate Volunteer Needs:   

Contact FOTAS if interested

      • Cat Room Cleaners
        • Weekends  9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
        • Weekdays  8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic:

  • October – scheduled for 10/17
  • Appointments required for shots: call JCAS at 541-774-6654
  • FOTAS volunteers – are still needed for this event – please contact FOTAS if you are able to help fotas@fotas.org or 541-774-6651.


  • Cat Adoptions started 10/13 at the shelter, by appointment only.
  • Dog Adoptions will start 10/19 at the shelter, by appointment only.
  • Check the FOTAS website for available cats & kittens. 

 Evacuee’s Displaced Animals

  • The shelter is no longer able to board owned animals.
  • Displaced owners can use a private boarding facility and some are offering discounted rates such as R&R or Alpha Valley.
  • There are some public groups trying to find long-term foster options for those owned animals displaced by the fire. 
  • See FOTAS website for a list of community groups helping with lost and displaced animals from the fires.

Working Cat – Waitlist:

JCAS/FOTAS Working Cat Program is currently paused, however, we hope to bring it back online in the future when we have our spay & neuter needs met. In the meantime, there are several community groups that are trapping feral cats and are looking for new homes for them.  If you would like to be considered for working cat, please fill out the below information and email it to WorkingCats@fotas.org
We will be in touch should JCAS have cats, or we will share with it community cat teams.

How many cats are you interested in adopting? 
(We recommend 2 or more)
What is the main reason you would like to adopt a working cat?

Found Animals:

  • Open only to hardship surrenders like owner passing or fire displacement.
  • Appointments are appreciated.
  • JCAS cannot currently accept feral cats, kittens and owner surrenders.
  • Healthy stray cats are best reunited with their owners if left in place.
  • Check local social media sites for privately organized lost & found.

 Lost Pets:

Subject: Pet Name(s) – Owner Name
Email should include below details:

  • Animal Description: Animal, Breed, Color, Outstanding Features, Age, Weight, Male or Female, Spayed or neutered, chipped or not chipped. 
  • Anything that stands out: color of collar, physical characteristics, etc.
  • Photo: Attach photos
  • Date / Time / Location of lost animal
  • Owner Contact Details – Name, Address, Phone, Email

Check the FOTAS master list of community created social media pages also posting lost and found animals. Be sure and also post images of your pet on the Friends of the Animal Shelter Lost/Found pet page at:  https://www.fotas.org/lost-found-facebook/


  • Check our FOTAS website www.fotas.org/fire-foster
  • Inventory can change daily
  • If you see a particular animal you would like to foster, let our Foster Coordinator, Michelle Fox, know via email micjofox@gmail.com


    • Thanks to the very generous community, the shelter has all it currently needs for the animals.
  • Monetary – FOTAS website

 Shelter Building Status:

  • Assessments are being made for cleaning up and repairing the damage in the yards and around shelter. We do not currently have an estimated timeline for completion.

 Contacting JCAS & FOTAS:

  • Both JCAS and FOTAS are back at the shelter and can be contacted during their respective business hours.
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