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Working Cats Program

Working Cats    

What is the Working Cats Program?

Working Cats is a Feral Cats Advocacy program that seeks to find adoption placements for healthy adult cats that are not suitable for a traditional adoption because they have not been socialized to humans. These cats provide a service to the community as pest/rodent control and deterrent. Previously deemed ‘unadoptable,’ now these cats can live out their lives outdoors. All they need is a safe sheltered space with regular access to food and water. 

Visit the Feral Cats Advocacy Working Cats website for adoption details. 

Adopting Working Cats saves lives!

Feral Cats Advocacy has placed Working Cats successfully in barns, farms, wineries, breweries, garages, warehouses, retail shops, markets, and other property where there are problems with rodents. 

These cats benefit from the support and companionship of other cats in their “work environment.” They find safety within a group. Therefore, we adopt the cats in pairs of 2, 4 or 6 depending on the size of the area to be patrolled.

These cats, for the most part, cannot be handled by humans. Their personalities range from semi-friendly to skittish. Some you will see, especially at meal times. Others will hide until the coast is clear.  Our adopters, some who have outdoor cameras, report to us the successful “job” these cats do! 

Please Note: We have many cats available that are already spay/neutered and waiting to be placed. Therefore we are presently not taking any new cats. Help us find homes for our Working Cats!

If you are interested in becoming a caretaker for two or more “working cats” on your property, please contact us using the info below.

Thank you for helping us save more lives by giving these cats a chance to thrive on your property.

Here’s what adopters say about this program:

“Our Working Cats have been extremely effective in discouraging the ground squirrels from burrowing under the buildings – or living nearby at all! It’s a joy to see our rodent control team at work! We are all content.”

Working Cats Transport to their New Homes

Learn more about how Working Cats are transported to their new homes, and everything we do to help them settle into their new homes.

Watch this video!

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