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Friends of the Animals’ Monthly Low-Cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinic

Friends of the Animals (FOTAS) hosts a monthly low-cost vaccination and microchip clinic for members of our community to help keep their pets healthy and protected.

Available for both cats and dogs.

This event is “by appointment only”. One appointment per animal needed! 

(Pets whom are ill, on antibiotics, in heat, or on cortisone products cannot be vaccinated.)

NEW Location: Talent, Oregon (address provided when you make your appointments)

Costs – our costs have increased, so the fees have increased as well!

  • Rabies Vaccination: $20 per animal
  • Dog Distemper/Parvo/Upper Respiratory Vaccination: $20 per animal
  • Cat Distemper/PanLeuk/Upper Respiratory Vaccination: $20 per animal
  • Microchips (a permanent form of ID that is injected between the shoulder blades): $25 per animal

CATS must be in a carrier.

DOGS must be on leash.

Dog owners who get a rabies vaccination will be able to go to the Jackson County Animal Shelter to license their dog(s). Licensing is mandatory for dogs 6-months and older. The Jackson County Animal Shelter is located at 5595 So. Pacific Hwy – 99 – in Phoenix, near Talent. 

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